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The Marriage Academy marriage counseling provides:

  • A choice of resources from CD/DVDs and online courses to personal free consultations by telephone or Skype with Dr. Jose Gomez.
  • A free Driver’s Test to help you identify the drivers that control and direct your relationship. This critical component is unique to The Marriage Academy.
  • Simple, put powerful daily exercises structured to the type of person you are – and the type of person your spouse is.
  • Specific steps that will help you meet your spouse’s needs and help your spouse meet yours.

Transform your marriage into to a happy, committed and lasting relationship. Start Here.

Take our Driver's Test: part of our online marriage counseling services

Jose-Gomez-HomeMeet Dr. Jose Gomez, MD

World Renowned Psychiatrist, Best-selling author, Public Speaker and Founder of Marriage Academy Inc.

Love is giving and forgiving.  Selfishness is getting and forgetting.

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“After talking to Dr. Gomez I gained a better insight and more awareness about the problems that we were confronting in our tense marital relationship”
RK, Texas USA
“I appreciate very much the help I got from Dr. Gomez, because it helped me see more clearly what were the choices that I had in my marriage”
SP, Florida USA
“Dr. Gomez is an exceptional human being with solid values. He worked with my wife and I and we were able to resolve some of our tensions and frustrations in our marriage.”
CA, Florida USA