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There isn’t any “secret” to a happy, fulfilling marriage.

Really, all the wisdom you need can be summed up in five words:  Take care of each other.  Helping couples gain insight into how best to take care of each other is what I do, and what inspired me to create The Drivers system that I have been teaching for so many years to help couples to create and enjoy happier relationships.

Marriage Academy, Inc. was founded by Psychiatrist Dr. Jose Gomez. Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of couples transform their relationships into loving, happy, committed marriages.

Couples come to us at all stages of their marriage with all types of problems, created by issues with communication to cheating, finances, sex to lack of self-esteem – and everything else in between.

Whatever challenges you’re facing in your marriage,
our resources can help.

Not because they take a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, it’s just the opposite:

  • We help you and your spouse identify the drivers controlling your individual behavior – how you think; how you communicate; how you treat your spouse.  The drivers represent the “needs” and “wants” that we all have.
  • These drivers affect how your spouse relates to you in your marriage and how you relate to your spouse.
  • We help you discover your spouse’s strongest driver. This is such a critical step in transforming your relationship that we include a free Driver’s Test to get you started.

We also help you take daily steps that are specifically structured around these drivers that help make sure your spouse’s needs – and your needs – are being met. You’ll discover that meeting your spouse’s needs motivates your spouse to meet yours, too. This is why you and your marriage can benefit from The Drivers System, even when your spouse or partner is not motivated to participate in any coaching program.

When both of you are meeting the other’s wants and needs, you’ll see your marriage transform into a happier, stronger, more loving relationship. And it just keeps getting better!

It’s a matter of trust

Thousands of couples have trusted the Marriage Academy to help them live fulfilling marriages. We honor that trust by providing resources that can – and do – transform their lives.