Can You Save Your Marriage After infidelity?

The damage caused by infidelity can last a long time, permeating every fiber, every memory, and every thought of your relationship. It almost seems impossible at first, but if both of you have the will; there are ways to move forward, heal, and become a stronger and more loving couple for the experience.

Coming Clean About Infidelity

A study from UCLA and the University of Washington indicates that the key to saving your relationship is honesty – coming clean about infidelity. By following 134 couples over five years of relationship counseling, researchers rated their relationship satisfaction and marital stability. Nineteen of those couples experienced infidelity by one or both partners, and of those couples, 74 percent revealed their cheating before or during the study. The other 26 percent kept their infidelity secret (the researchers found out afterward).

At the end of five years, can you guess which marriages survived? The honest ones. Only 43 percent of couples who were honest with each other divorced compared with 80 percent of the couples who lied about their infidelity.

However, not only did 57 percent of the honest couples stay together – they showed the same levels of marital stability and relationship satisfaction as couples who had never experienced infidelity.

This is wonderful news for anyone who has ever wished to make their relationship as strong as it was in the beginning.

Being honest is certainly the best way to begin rebuilding your relationship, but the work doesn’t end there. The couples who succeeded in healing their marriages are those who are committed to and invested in each other.

If you’re still suffering the after effects of infidelity, I’ve found that meditation can offer a positive way to cope with it and move forward. Find a quiet place and try my guided forgiveness visualization to help eliminate negative emotions.

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