Marriage and Health

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In this audio Dr. Jose Gomez will talk about the links between marriage and health. Many studies have been conducted to find links between marriage and health. It is a proven scientific fact that marriage is good for your health.  Recent research is exploring and determining which health benefits are associated with happy marriages.

For instance, being married increases your bone density. A study done by the university of California found that married men had more bone density than men who were widowed, separated, divorced, or were never married.

However, for women, it wasn’t whether they were married or not that made a difference in their bone density, it was whether they were HAPPILY married or not.  Women who reported having supportive spouses had stronger bones.

Also, research has found that marriage can help in cancer survival.  Scientific research has shown that the number of cancer patient deaths decreases by 20% in married people compared to cancer patients who are single.

In contrast, being single increases the risk of dementia, poor memory, impaired concentration and decreased attention.  Swedish researchers have found that people who have a partner in middle age have 50% less risk of developing dementia than those who live alone.  Getting divorced or becoming widowed in mid life raises the risk of dementia in later years also.

Always keep in mind that a happy marriage is one of the best ways of staying healthy!

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Founder of Marriage Academy, Inc., Dr. Gomez is a licensed physician, a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association at Harvard University Medical School and member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. Dr. Gomez’ extensive experience and his passion for helping couples enrich their marriages led him to develop the unique and highly acclaimed Marriage Academy program.