The Three Keys to Marriage Success

After the “honeymoon period” – that first one or two years of marriage when troubles seem miles away – challenges and stresses begin to creep in, and the real fiber of your relationship is put to the test. When times of crisis arise, how do you react? Under everyday stresses, how do you relate to one another?

According to a study from the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project, there are three characteristics you can cultivate to overcome life’s obstacles and have marriage success.

3-Keys to Marriage Success

Sexual Intimacy



Commitment is obvious – when you are strongly committed to your partner and to the ideal of lasting marriage, you’ll work harder to make your marriage a success. Sexual intimacy is rarely an issue during the early years of marriage, but when children come into the picture, it can become a challenge. In fact, sex is one of the topics most often argued about by couples (just behind finances and child-rearing).marriage success

Generosity, per the report, “is defined here as ‘the virtue of giving good things to

[one’s spouse] freely and abundantly,” including expressing affection and respect, forgiving easily, and small acts of service such as making coffee in the morning. Husbands and wives who scored high in generous actions were significantly more likely to report being “very happy” in their marriages. Unsurprisingly, they were also less prone to divorce. There was also a correlation found between all three characteristics: couples who were generous and committed also rated themselves as sexually satisfied.

There isn’t any “secret” to marriage success. Really, all the wisdom you need can be summed up in five words: Take care of each other. Helping couples gain insight into how best to take care of each other is what I do, and what inspired me to create The Drivers system that I have been teaching for so many years to help married couples to create and enjoy marriage success.

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