Myth-Busting Marriage

Starting with “And they lived happily ever after,” there are more misconceptions about married couples than anyone can count. With new myths springing up every day, let’s debunk some of the biggest ones.

Myth: “You can’t expect people to stay married for a lifetime anymore – people live so much longer today than our grandparents did!”

Fact: This convenient excuse for trading in spouses at regular intervals doesn’t hold water. The enormous statistical increase in longevity is primarily due to reducing infant mortality, and while we very well may live a few years longer than our grandparents, we’re also marrying later in life.

Myth: Sharing common interests keeps couples together.

Fact: This one could be true, but that depends on how the couple shares their interests. If both spouses love to golf, but every golf game ends in arguments, finger-pointing and resentful competition, it might be better to play at different tee times.

Myth: Infidelity is the main cause of divorce.

Fact: The main reason for divorce isn’t infidelity – it’s not feeling loved or appreciated in the marriage. That accounts for 80 percent of divorces according to Lynn Gigi PhD and Joan Kelly PhD from the “Divorce Mediation Project” in Corte Madera, California. If you’re wondering, 20 to 27 percent of divorces cite infidelity as a leading cause.

Myth: Getting older decreases sex drive in a marriage.

Fact: Since couples communicate better in bed as they mature, they’re more likely to have a better sex life. In fact, a survey in England found that 64 percent of women reported the same or better sex after menopause.

Myth: Never go to bed angry.

Fact: Trying to resolve an argument when you’re both tired and angry is never a good idea. By all means, go to sleep. You’ll have a better chance of resolving the conflict when you’re rested.

Please leave me your comments below. I would enjoy hearing about your marriage myths.

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