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Relationship Counseling for a Better Future

Phases of turbulence come in every relationship. The question is what do you do about them? A lot of couples turn to relationship counseling or couples therapy.

relationship counselingFirst, we should explain the difference. Relationship counseling focuses on the present in order to change the future. It deals with the underlying needs of both partners. On the other hand, couples therapy focuses on the past and often deals with illness. Therapists will look to heal past traumas.

The concept of relationship counseling came into picture about a century ago in Germany. Today, it is practiced in every part of the world. Relationship counseling has been proven to help relatively new couples as well as those that have been together for many years develop more fulfilling relationships.

Although couples therapy used to be the predominant method couples used to get help with their relationships, relationship counseling is by far the most popular method today. That’s because relationship counseling has such strong results.

Relationship counseling ensures improved communication, helps couples resolve conflicts more effectively and strengthens the bond between partners. In fact, this is the only solution suggested for couples that are considering divorce. Seventy percent of the time those couples decide to stay together post relationship counseling.

At the Marriage Academy, we focus on relationship counseling because we’ve seen the results. Founder Dr. Jose Gomez has helped thousands of couples find happier, more fulfilling relationships in the 40 years he has worked to perfect his system.

If you’re looking for permanent changes in your relationship, then the Marriage Academy’s relationship counseling may be right for you.

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